Stepping Out of the Shadows of Big Daddies of Fashion Designing

The spotlight on fashion does not belong only to the lissome models. It belongs to the fashion designers who create their imagination and remain eternal in the minds of their loyal customer base. Haven’t we seen the likes of legends – Gucci, Versace, DKNY, Vera Wang and upcoming brands like Luella, Sass & Bide, Linda Farrow, Ghost, Mawi, Pauric Sweeney and Ducie grace the latest runways dominate the fashion capitols of the world? Even talented designers like late Alexander McQueen brand sells. The fashion scene is changing with the entry of new designers almost every new season. New talent is being discovered and emerging fashion designers have a cut edge with new themes. With an eye on the needle, runway, models and right fashion shows the competition has grown.To qualify into the sector of emerging fashion designers to look for in future trends local talent is being given a chance. In Florida there is an annual event that marks the debut of emerging fashion designers who are given a chance to work on and present their best. It is one of the platforms that bring out the talent out of the closet. Just last year to supplement the growing needs of the fashion industry in Chicago featured eco-friendly designs from Lara Miller, Lee Alison. There is also more from the mens fashion sector with new talent like Soledad Designs, Eric Kipp, Nicholas Joseph, Arlo Menswear, Cory Allen and Kwabena Klassics also making it to the grade.Since the apparel industry itself is growing there are plenty of ways local talent can get noticed. There are regular events specifically for the network of over 5000 emerging fashion designers. Events include fashion shows, charity auctions, design competitions, grants for fashion designers, networking events, and fashion weeks all devoted to young designers. The true talent can be exposed with opportunities. Apart from all the competition from the big names, one needs to differentiate from over hundreds of thousands of other designers trying to make it big in this make-or-break world of high couture and low-end knock-offs. More emerging fashion designers have begun to use the internet to further their collections- where they can post pictures and video of their collections, connect to their customers and send customers updates on sales and events, new collections, and information on the stores that carry them. Designers can judge their popularity based on those their connected to figure out what other designers and stores their customers love, giving them the type of information they need to determine their demographics, psychograpics, buyer behavior and geographic location.

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