The Free Work at Home Business – Does it Really Exist?

Do free work at home business plans exist?I get asked this question often. In this age of uncertainty, people are desperate to secure their income and working from home is the dream of millions of commuters.Is it really possible to create and build a method of earning your living from home for free on the internet? Many of us have been given a bum steer when it comes to home based business ideas. There are those sites that promise free everything only to break our hearts when it is time for us to strike by introducing a membership fee or a large course to buy and so forth.First, let’s examine what we mean by a work from home business. It boils down to 2 types of income generation.A. There is one kind of work which basically involves doing work on your computer that you would generally do in a company’s offices, but that you can do online from home. There are such jobs as data entry, transcription work like when you type up a doctor’s report from his oral dictation or a home call centre.B. There is another kind where you build up a home based business that involves actually selling something. There are two kinds of these:This is where you sell a service or a product like operating a lawn care company or selling a line of vitamins.
Another is building an online business with a web site of your own.The best way of doing this is called an affiliate business where you are basically a commission agent for a product or service.When you are seeking a job on the internet like instance “A”, it is no different than when you walk into an employment agency. You apply and the agency gets paid by the employer for finding a suitable employee. That is sometimes called a finder’s fee. Where a problem arises is when some of us are told by certain places that we should pay a membership or registration fee up front. Some web sites strongly urge you to buy their “employment kit” which will enable them to get you certain work. A good motto to keep in mind here is: If it’s not free, flee. Leave this agency alone.The good news is that there are many honest places that will line you up with good prospects for work and they won’t try to frisk you for extra cash.There are many places that offer a free work at home business like envelope stuffing, assembly of different items and so forth. The bad news on these is that they make their money on the money you have to fork over to get “set up”. Whether it is material to build, training videos or whatever, the goods or service which supposedly you would produce can be done much cheaper by machine not to mention transportation costs and so forth.The really good news is that there is a way to create your own work from home business. It involves creating your own little web site on the internet. This may sound like rocket science, but it is not. There are some places that tell you they will set you up for free or practically nothing. This might be alright except that before you know it, you are tied into a $60 a month plan when you originally went in at $5.95 a month.One really effective way of relieving you of your money is called the one time offer. You sign up for something and you press the “enter” key. A new screen pops up telling you of this great book, course or whatever. If you don’t buy right now, you will never be extended this special again This works very well, but the question I have to ask these people is that why do I need this extra whatever if their product was supposed to give me the whole package in the first place?This business is full of very clever ways to relieve you of your cash as you thirst mightily for a free home based business of your own. In effect, you are building your own work from home business, your own job. The biggest thing you need is education in how web business works. Fortunately, a lot of this is free on the internet. There are so many things you will have to decide like whether you will rely on Pay Per Click advertising or on organic traffic and so forth. Understanding these will be your job as you learn this business. Just keep in mind that never again will you have to go, hat in hand, looking for a job.Can you see that paying a bit per month for the opportunity to create whatever amount of income you want is worth it? Such is the potential of the internet based home business.In conclusion, it is fair to say that there certainly are honest employment agencies out there that will line you up with companies that hire people to work from home. Just make sure you don’t pay for their service. If, on the other hand, you want to create your own job, to build your own home business, then there will be some costs involved. Some places nickel and dime you into more and more cash every month. There are some that seem to cost a bit more, but actually overdeliver a lot. Well worth the money.

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